Shah Rukh is not in any scene of the song except the close-up, reveals the director

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The famous Indian actor was not present during the shooting of the famous Zamana song of his super hit film Pardees.

The film Pardees was released in 1997 which raised flags of success while the songs of the film also became very popular.

One of these songs ‘Yeh Dil Deewana’ sung by Sonu Nigam, about which the film’s director Subhash Ghai made an interesting revelation and said that in this song, Shahrukh was not in any scene except close-ups.

In an old interview Subhash Ghai said that we composed the music for this song in just 2 days, we got a small studio in Andheri, I called Sonu Nigam there and told him that you have written this song. There is loud singing.

He said that we had fixed the exact end time for the filming of this song.

The director said that by the way, Shah Rukh Khan proved to be very supportive throughout the film, but when we had two days left for the last one, Shah Rukh also had to leave two days earlier because Gauri was pregnant at that time and Shah Rukh Khan was pregnant. He had to go to them.

He said that at that time Shahrukh Khan said that he could not extend the shooting days for two to three more days and that he had to leave for Delhi immediately.

He said that first this song was shot in Los Angeles then the next day Shahrukh had to leave so I requested him to come at 7 in the morning, the car was ready so I requested him to come for this. Give three close-up shots in the car scene for the song.

Subhash Ghai said that we shot this song in just 2 hours, as you can see there are different locations in this song, there is no single location.

He also stated that Shahrukh Khan was not present in the car-duration scenes during this song, his duplicate was placed in his place.

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