Opinion of legal experts on Imran Khan contempt of court case

Senior legal expert Irfan Qadir said that the Imran Khan contempt of court case is actually an unconditional pardon.

Legal experts Irfan Qadir and Barrister Salahuddin spoke to Geo News regarding the hearing of the Imran Khan contempt of court case in the Islamabad High Court.

Senior legal expert Irfan Qadir said that the courts themselves are saying to ask for forgiveness, actually this is a case of unconditional forgiveness.

He said that this matter should be resolved legally instead of politically and emotionally.

Irfan Qadir further said that if the court is giving Imran Khan a chance, then it will have to be clarified that the people who were punished for contempt of court earlier were wrong.

He said that when Imran Khan has submitted a written response in the contempt of court case, what is the logic that he is being given a forced respite?

Irfan Qadir inquired that Imran Khan is being asked to submit the answer again by the court, what is the benefit of such an apology?

Barrister Salahuddin said that it seems that if Imran Khan apologizes, the court will dismiss the case.

He also raised the question that if Imran Khan insists on the same thing, the matter can be serious, the respite is an indication of unconditional pardon by the court.

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