Military personnel killed: Israel Defense Forces suspend training exercises

The Israeli army suspended tank training exercises after the officer’s death for unclear reasons.

According to a foreign media report, the initial investigation of the incident revealed that an officer in the tank sustained a deep head injury during the ongoing tank exercises in the Golan Heights.

The soldier’s head got stuck between two parts of the tank, causing a deep wound on the head.

According to the investigation, the tank was moving when the commander noticed that the weapon loading officer was not responding.

When the tank was stopped, it was found that the official had a serious injury on his head, the injured official died while going to the hospital.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, such incidents are among the impossible, and it is not known how the officer got stuck in the middle of the unprotected parts.

To investigate the incident, the military police will submit its report to the Military General Advocate Corps while a colonel-rank officer will head the investigative team.

The Israeli army chief has ordered a halt to all training exercises involving armored vehicles pending further investigation into the incident.

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