Lal Singh Chadha’s failure: Aamir Khan’s decision not to take compensation

After Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan starrer Lal Singh Chadha failed at the box office, Mr. Perfectionist has decided not to collect his compensation, which will cover losses of up to 100 crores to the film producer.

It should be remembered that Aamir Khan spent four precious years of his life on the production of this film, while Kareena Kapoor had to audition to join the film.

Later, constant changes in the release date of the film and social media trends like Boycott Lal Singh Chadha are among the other reasons for the failure of the film.

Due to which the film was a complete failure at the box office and could barely do business of Rs 100 crores.

The latest news is that Aamir Khan has decided to waive his fee to compensate the producers for the losses.

After the losses faced by the industry in the era of corona virus, Lal Singh Chadha was considered by movie lovers to be a game changer for Bollywood, but this turned out to be a delusion and the film became a victim of controversies.

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