Will 2022 be a Year of Change?

The new year always starts with good expectations and good wishes and this time too 2022 is being welcomed with the same wishes but the prayers and wishes are for good expectations but the situation is full of worries. Especially if one looks at the three-and-a-half year performance of the government and the aggressive behavior of the opposition in all these periods, it is futile to expect that the new year will be marked by national politics, government-opposition relations Will prove to be the ideal for salvation.

Wishes are that the new year for the millions of people in this country who have suffered for the basic necessities of life. Inflation bridges had to be crossed every day to bring convenience to them. People should have a dignified job and a chance to live with self-sufficiency but if we look back at the last few years, it does not look like that because one of the major reasons is political instability in the country.

It has been four years but so far there has not been any level of coordination between the government and the opposition to work together for the betterment of the common man. While there is a lack of confidence in the government, on the other hand, the opposition has taken the form of violent behavior, which is why the government’s popularity and its political power continue to suffer.

The failure of the by-elections in the country and then the defeat in the local body elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a clear example of this. This situation can also be interpreted as unfortunate as there is no mechanism in the history of the country which can arrange a dialogue to create an atmosphere of reconciliation in case of confrontation between the political forces of the government and the opposition. So far, democracy in the country has been repeatedly dismantled for the “wider interest” of the country, but no institution or mechanism has been devised that would allow the parties to “broaden the country and the people” without seeking power. He should play his role in the “higher interest”.

In the current political situation of the country, especially the need for which has become inevitable, the defeat of the ruling party twice in the local body elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has made clear to Prime Minister Imran Khan the fact that he has lost to his colleagues. He did not show foresight in the elections which hurt his confidence even though he has restructured the organization structure of the ruling party across the country but at present it is difficult to get the desired result even with this decision.

Here, especially for Balochistan, the choice of Qasim Suri seems inappropriate in the context that politics shrouded in a fog of facts is at the height of claims, fears, aspirations and accusations, the beginning and the end of which revolve around the current political situation. The central role is played by the former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif on his return from London or not and on the issue of his repatriation the Muslim League leaders are intimidating the government and government spokespersons the opposition.

The PML-N leader claims that matters have been settled. Nawaz Sharif is about to return home. On Bhutto’s return, he hoped that Nawaz Sharif, fulfilling the requirements of the law, would make his own arrest and stay in jail for a few weeks or months, then be placed under house arrest on the basis of his “privilege” to be prime minister three times. His application will be granted and then he will join hands with his lawyers to challenge the court decisions against him in the court. He will be able to become the Prime Minister for the fourth time in the coming elections or he will gain enough political power to appoint his nominee for the post of Prime Minister.

On the other hand, it would be unbelievable for Prime Minister Imran Khan, but at the same time he acknowledged that ways are being sought to end Nawaz Sharif’s punishment and disqualification as the Prime Minister has no credible information to provide. There are various sources in view of which his statement also strengthens some of the claims of the Muslim League leaders but all this is visible in the media to the extent of statements and talk shows. In practice the situation is not like that. In order to believe in the claims of the parties without thinking.

It seems that both the government and the PML-N are scared of each other regarding the return of Nawaz Sharif, otherwise such statements would not have been needed by the spokespersons and some of the ministers to plan for cleaning the jail. The ruling party may not be able to recover from the political shock of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) local body elections as the PML-N’s popularity in next month’s local body elections in Punjab is acknowledged by the PTI leaders and ministers themselves if any major change in the situation. If not, PML-N can do a clean sweep there.

Obviously, the results of the local body elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will affect Punjab to a large extent. However, to deal with the situation, PTI Chairman Imran Khan has formed a new organization which will work under his supervision. In particular, they will decide the distribution of tickets themselves, but the question arises as to whether the situation of KPK will be resolved and whether the correct distribution of tickets will be able to defeat the Muslim League in Punjab.


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