Misinterpretation of Protection Act puts lives at risk, transgenders and civil society press conference

Misinterpretation of Protection Act puts lives at risk, transgenders and civil society press conference

Opposition to and misinterpretation of the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act, 2018 has put the lives of transgender people at risk and increased incidents of violence against them.

These views were expressed by transgender people and civil society organizations during a press conference on the Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Act 2018 on Friday.

The press conference was addressed by Bandia Rana, head of Interactive Alliance, Princess Rai, head of Tehreek Niswan Shema Kirmani, chairperson of Sindh Commission on Status of Women Nuzhat Shireen, member of National Commission on Human Rights Anees Haroon, Bebo Haider and others addressed the press conference.

Speakers said that the purpose of raising the issue before the elections is to get votes. If religious parties have reservations about the bill, we are ready to sit with them and remove the reservations, negative propaganda against this bill should be stopped.

Speakers called for action against those protesting on social media against the bill and rejection of the amendment proposed by the religious party senator.

He said that under the guise of this law, our lives have been put at stake by sharing hateful content on social media. Nowhere in this bill is there any mention of homosexuality, nor is there any mention of same-sex marriage.

He said that after this law, X will be written in place of gender in the identity card given to transgenders, after which they will not be able to marry, but with this law, transgenders will get a share in property, they will get basic rights. While it will be easy for them to go for Umrah Hajj, but politics is being done against this bill.

He said that he would not allow the bill to be amended or repealed as it guarantees all the fundamental rights of transgender people and it is wrong to associate it with homosexuality.

He invited the leaders of the religious parties to sit down and talk to us, we will address their concerns and tell them that there is nothing against Shariat in this law.

He further said that the opponents of transgender law should be ashamed. Transgenders also want to read, write and have jobs, they should not be deprived of their rights.

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