To avoid loan repayment, the woman faked her own death


Video grab courtesy of Facebook

Many people take out a loan and disappear to avoid paying the loan, but an Indonesian woman faked her own death to avoid paying the loan.

According to foreign media reports, a woman named ‘Lisa’ had borrowed 364 dollars in the name of the committee. did it.

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When Lisa could not arrange the money on the due date, she first asked for an extension of her loan date, to which the group members gave her more time till December 6.

As the second deadline approached, the woman’s son announced her tragic death on Facebook, sharing photos of her shrouded body.

Lisa’s son shared photos of his mother’s dead body on Facebook and wrote that she died in a tragic road accident.

The committee group members were saddened to hear of Lisa’s death, but then became suspicious that the location her son had announced for the burial was far from their home.

On investigating the matter, it was found that they had created a drama to not return the money.


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