India, policeman unaware of loading rifle, officers laugh


Screen grab

The DIG officer suddenly visited the police station to find out how smart the Indian police officers are and it was revealed that the officers do not even know how to load rifles.

Indian journalist Piyush Roy shared a video on the micro-blogging site Twitter, which went viral as soon as he saw it.

According to a viral video, officers came for inspection at a police station in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Meanwhile, it was revealed that the officials do not know how to load the rifle.

It can be seen in the video that the movement and timely firing of the personnel was tested, during the inspection, a sub-inspector could not load the rifle, not only that, he put the bullet directly in the gun barrel.

The officers present kept laughing at a sub-inspector being so unfamiliar with a gun.

Such negligence on the part of the police personnel is a question mark on the safety of people’s life and property.


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