If Nawaz Sharif comes, Punjab jails are waiting for him, Fayyaz Chauhan

Fayyaz Al Hassan Chauhan, file photo

Punjab Prisons Minister Fayyaz Chauhan has said that Nawaz Sharif is not returning, his passport has expired, if Nawaz Sharif comes then Punjab jails are waiting for Nawaz Sharif.

In an informal conversation with reporters, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan said that Nawaz Sharif had appeared in London on November 19 on the issue of Rana Shamim. He sought political asylum by raising the issue of Rana Shamim’s request.

He said that local body elections are being prepared in Punjab, they will contest elections together with Lal Haveli, they will not repeat the history of KP.

Fayyaz Chauhan said that he will hold a rally from Dhok Kala Khan on December 30, in which he will present his three year performance. In PP-17, he has done development work worth Rs.

He said that 44 tube wells with a depth of 600 feet should be installed in PP-17 constituency. During PML-N era, tube wells with a depth of 200 feet were constructed and corruption was rampant in it.

He said that if the Minister of Prisons was formed, he would take steps to improve the prisons. If any prisoner or visitor has any grievances, he can contact them directly. Was

Fayyaz Chauhan said that the salaries of the jail employees were very low which made them much better.


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