Rawalpindi: Islamabad Expressway was closed

Rawalpindi: Islamabad Expressway was closed

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The Islamabad Expressway was closed by placing containers at Rawat T Chowk in Rawalpindi, the route from T Chowk Rawat to Rawalpindi has also been closed.

There is severe traffic jam due to obstructions on expressway and GT road.

According to the spokesperson of the district administration, Rawalpindi administration has not closed the roads coming to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Citizens are facing severe problems due to road closure, long queues of vehicles have formed on GT Road and Islamabad Expressway.

In this regard, the Islamabad Traffic Police says that the entrances and exits of the Red Zone from Ayub Chowk, Express Chowk and Nadra Chowk are closed.

As an alternative, Margalla Road is open, only one lane is open from Serena Chowk to enter the red zone, traffic police said.

Islamabad Traffic Police also says that only one lane is open for traffic on both sides at Rawat T Chowk.

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