Apart from Pathan and Tiger, Salman and Shah Rukh are ready to work together in the film

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It has been revealed that Bollywood megastars Khan Shah Rukh and Salman Khan will be seen together in a movie besides the movie Pathan and Tiger 3.

Regarding the film Pathan, it was revealed that Salman Khan will be seen in a short role while Salman Khan will be seen in a short role in Tiger 3.

However, now it has been revealed about these two superstars that they will be seen together in a full role and not in a short role in a movie.

Talking to media, Salman, who is celebrating his 56th birthday at Panvel Farmhouse, said, “We are both seen together in Tiger and Pathan.”

He further said that the movie Pathan will be released first and then Tiger 3, but even after that we can both be seen together.

Salman Khan also said that after his Tiger 3, there may be a sequel of Bajrangi Bhai Jan, whose name will be Pawan Patra Bhai Jan. The script of the film has also been written.

He also announced that a sequel to his comedy hit No Entry could be launched, after which sometime Eid and sometimes Diwali could be made.


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