Atrocities against Christians in India, shocking revelations of American newspaper

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The American newspaper has described the persecution of Christians in India as genocide.

Shocking revelations have surfaced in an American newspaper against the persecution of Christians in India.

According to a report in an American newspaper, the reason for the growing atrocities against Christians in India is Hindu extremist thinking. Extremists damage Christian places of worship and prevent them from worshiping.

According to the American newspaper, due to Hindu extremist thinking, minorities in India consider themselves insecure.

The American newspaper revealed that Hindu extremists are forcing Christians living in India to convert to Hinduism.

According to the report, Christians in India have started posing as Hindus for fear of death.

According to the American newspaper, Hindu extremist lawyers have filed complaints to close down the Christian-run charity.

According to the report, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is silent on the massacre of Muslims as well as the genocide of Christians.

The American newspaper further wrote in the report that the international community has serious concerns over Narendra Modi’s silence against the atrocities against minorities.


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