Germany to supply 14 battle tanks to Ukraine

Germany to supply 14 battle tanks to Ukraine

Germany’s Leopard tank, file photo

Germany has approved the supply of locally produced Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

A company of 14 Leopard tanks will be delivered to Ukraine, government spokesman Stephen Habstreit said.

He said that we are giving permission to other European countries to send their tanks to Ukraine so that it can form two tank battalions.

It should be noted that for several weeks, Ukraine had been demanding the supply of Leopard tanks from Germany.

Under the package approved by German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, the Ukrainian army will be trained in tank operations, as well as logistics, weapons and maintenance training.

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal has claimed in its report that the US is considering supplying Abram M-1 tanks to Ukraine.

Today, Russia has issued a statement warning the Western countries that if Ukraine is supplied with tanks, they will be destroyed on the battlefield.


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