Do you know the real name of Nabeel Zafar?

Do you know the real name of Nabeel Zafar?

Nabeel Zafar, file photo

Nabeel Zafar, a well-known comedian and actor of Pakistan showbiz industry, explained the reason for changing his name before starting his career as an actor.

Nabeel Zafar recently appeared as a guest on a private TV show where he talked about the difficulties he faced at the start of his showbiz career.

He said that when I started my career with a film project, there was already a superstar named Nadeem Baig in the industry at that time.

That’s why the filmmakers asked me to change my name, he added.

Nabeel Zafar said that even though my first film was a flop despite changing the name, the changed name later became my identity and today people know me as Nabeel Zafar instead of Nadeem Zafar.


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