An inside story of a meeting of spokespersons chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan

The internal story of the meeting of spokespersons chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan came to light.

According to sources, during the meeting, Imran Khan said that there was speculation about the end of Nawaz Sharif’s sentence, how is it possible that the sentence of the convicted person will end.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif looted people’s money and transferred it abroad, Nawaz Sharif’s name came up in Panama and the court disqualified him, Nawaz Sharif could not even give money trail till today.

Sources said that the Prime Minister said in the meeting that how can a convict be made the Prime Minister for the fourth time by abolishing his sentence.

Sources said that the local body elections were also discussed in the meeting chaired by the Prime Minister. Imran Khan said that KP is awaiting the results of the Election Commission regarding the local body elections. PTI voters and people stand with us.

According to sources, Barrister Saif presented the data on getting votes in the local body elections and while giving a briefing said that the results of the Village Council are expected to improve.

Spokesperson KP said that they are waiting for the results of the Election Commission. According to the number of votes, PTI is the most popular party in KP.

According to sources, the Prime Minister said that it was surprising that PML-N and PPP were celebrating the KP elections.


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