Amended Local Government Act came into force in Sindh

A new Local Government Amendment Bill has come into force in Sindh, for which a formal notification has been issued.

Implementation of Sindh Local Government Amendment Act has started. According to the notification issued by the Sindh Assembly, under the amended Local Government Act, District Councils will be dissolved in Karachi, District Municipal Corporations will be abolished and new towns will be created.

Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Karachi Cardiology Institute and Spencer Eye Hospital KMC will be transferred to Sindh Government.

Schools, hospitals and health dispensaries run by DMCs and district councils will also be transferred to the provincial government.

The mayor and chairmen will be elected through a show of hands.

Under the constitution, after ten days, the act of the assembly will be deemed ratified by the governor.

According to the bill, one percent seats are reserved for eunuchs and special persons in Sindh local body councils.

Under the applicable local government law, each council will have at least one seat for eunuchs and special persons.

According to the amended Local Government Act, property tax will be collected by the Town Municipal Councils and the Vice Chairman of the Union Committee will be a member of the Town Municipal Council.

It may be recalled that the Sindh Assembly had passed the Local Government Amendment Bill on November 26 and sent it to the Governor of Sindh. The Governor of Sindh had objected to the bill and returned it.

The Sindh Assembly passed the Local Government Amendment Bill on December 11 with further amendments.


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