Written order of Naqeebullah murder case issued

Written order of Naqeebullah murder case issued

Slain Naqibullah Mehsud – file photo

The anti-terrorism court of Karachi has issued a written order in the Naqeebullah Mehsud murder case.

The written decision of the Naqibullah Mehsud murder case consists of 42 pages.

The court has acquitted 18 accused, including Rao Anwar, while issuing permanent arrest warrants for 7 absconding accused.

According to the written verdict, there are doubts in the case, according to the Islamic and universal principle, the benefit of doubt goes in favor of the accused.

In the written judgment of the Anti-Terrorism Court, it has been ordered that the fugitive accused should be arrested whenever and wherever they are found.

The judgment states that it is a principle that acquittal is a better decision than conviction by the mistake of a judge.

The written judgment further stated that Rao Anwar’s counsel told the court that CDR has been presented as evidence against the accused, that Rao Anwar has been implicated in the case on the basis of professional malice, no witness. He did not identify them.

In the written judgment of the court, it is also said that in the eyes of the court, the prosecution could not prove the case, therefore the accused are acquitted.

It should be noted that yesterday the anti-terrorism court of Karachi acquitted all the accused including Rao Anwar while pronouncing the verdict in the Naqeebullah murder case.

The court, while pronouncing the reserved judgment, said that the prosecution had failed to prove the charges against the accused.


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