We want to eliminate dacoits with the help of drones, SSP Ghotki

We want to eliminate dacoits with the help of drones, SSP Ghotki

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Ghotki SSP Tanveer Tanyu says that we want to eliminate the dacoits with the help of drones and expert snipers.

Talking to ‘Jeo News’, Tanveer Taniv said that they want to bring operations against bandits in the airspace, the weapons they have asked for are not common weapons available in the market, Rangers do not have such weapons.

He said that if the police cannot go to Kacha, then no one can go, if the Rangers also go to Kacha, there is a fear of loss of life. Help can be taken.

SSP Tanveer Tanyu says that if the area is cleared after the aerial operation, the Rangers will also be called, it is not possible to completely block the routes of the robbers in Kacha, attempts have been made in the past but the communication system has been completely destroyed But can’t disturb.

Tanveer Taniv said that Sukkur Multan Motorway, Indus Highway are barely half an hour away from Kacha, the Kacha area extends for 180 kilometers right and left between Guddu Barrage and Sukkur Barrage, where two to 2500 police officers. are appointed.

The SSP of Ghotki says that police stations have been vacated from urban areas and posted in Kacha. It is not possible to build solid constructions in raw materials.

They further say that kidnap-for-ransom hostages are kept in prison for up to one year, hostages are not killed because they get a price, a facilitator brings hostages from the area, other issues. handle

Tanveer Tanyu also said that the hostage comes to the raw material bandits themselves, some come from Charsadda, some from Lahore and some from Sahiwal, the bandits consider themselves safe in their hideouts.


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