Ifta Omar told the secret of fitness

Ifta Omar told the secret of fitness

Ifat Umar – File photo

Supermodel and actress Ifat Umar told her fans how to look young despite her growing age.

Ifta Umar recently appeared as a guest on a podcast where she talked about her fitness and the surgeries she underwent to look younger.

She said that there are many such things available in the market today and women are aware of all these things and they take care of themselves.

The actress and supermodel said that doctors, laser and skin tightening treatments and other procedures help a lot to make you look younger. .

She added that I open up about skin treatments so that people know how we look so good.

Ifat Umar concluded his talk and also said that there are many treatments like laser, thread lift, if you want to look good then you must have these treatments once a year.


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