Shaneera ran a special ‘English’ of Pakistanis

Shanira Akram, file photo

Shanira Akram, wife of Sultan Wasim Akram of Swing, liked the style of speaking English of Pakistanis.

Shanira Akram has shared a special message for Pakistanis on her Insta Story.

He wrote in his message that “Pakistanis saying hair in English instead of hair (Hairs) and winter in English (Winters) does not mean that their English is bad.”

Shaneera ran a special 'English' of Pakistanis

Advising Pakistanis, he wrote, “It is now part of Pakistan’s culture. Everyone here speaks English in the same way. Don’t look at it in a negative way. It’s a very strong style. Adopt it with pride.”

In the end, Shaneera said that “this style of speaking English is one of the features of Pakistan that she liked, but now she also speaks English in the same way.”


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