Pakhtunkhwa local body elections: Economic woes overwhelm PTI

The first phase of local body elections in 17 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been completed under the shadow of violent incidents, allegations of rigging and candidates’ suspicions and severe mismanagement. According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, JUI has been crowned the mayor of Maidan Markar Peshawar.

Apart from this, in six other tehsils of Peshawar, JUI has also won two seats for the post of Tehsil Mayor and Chairmanship. According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, the JUI-F as a whole is gaining ground in the local body elections.

While the PTI came in second, the ANP third and the PPP fourth, the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has seen a sharp decline in its popularity. Apart from the ruling party, contradictory claims of success were made by the PPP and JUI on the seat, according to which both the JUI and the PPP had voted heavily for City Council Peshawar, which is the center of attention. Contradictory claims of success were also made, while the silence of the government candidate and the alleged disappearance of 69 ROs were also reported due to the “fog” of the City Council Peshawar mayoral candidate.

According to unconfirmed and unofficial results received from various polling stations, the mayor of Peshawar has decided to crown the opposition party JUI-F, but the government The silence and alleged non-availability of Aruz for some time shows that the provincial government is not in the mood to easily give the mayoral seat of City Council Peshawar to the opposition, but the JUI candidate Zubair Ali was ahead by a majority of more than 11,000. It will not be possible to cover, and they will have to acknowledge the success of the opposition mayor in Peshawar.

Not only is the ruling party facing defeat in the city council Peshawar seat, but the ruling party has been badly beaten in six other tehsils of Peshawar and only two of the six seats have been won by the ruling party, two seats according to unofficial and unconfirmed results. The ANP has taken two JUIs. According to the situation up to Maghrib, these local body elections in 17 districts of the province have seen an increase in the popularity of JUI and ANP while PPP and PML-N The performance was disappointing, as violence erupted in various districts of the province as soon as the election process began.

In Dera Ismail, ANP’s city mayoral candidate Omar Khattab Sherati became an advocate, who was shot dead by unknown individuals a day before the polling. ANP candidate’s car was bombed in Tobajur. Complaints of vandalism and vandalism were also received at several polling stations. At one of the polling stations of the city mayor in Peshawar, a tragic incident like sealing of ballot papers in the dark of the night before polling day was also reported. Whether the Provincial Election Commissioner has also ordered an inquiry, it is clear that all the claims made by the Election Commission and the provincial government for the peaceful conduct of local body elections were proved wrong.


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