Consecutive victory in by-elections: PML-N’s popularity in Punjab could not be lessened

After completing its half term, the government is facing difficulties in every field. It is said that this time the government is stuck in its own whirlpool. Public and political circles are calling it a sign of failed economic policies. Governor Shah Farman, Deputy Speaker, 6 MNAs of PTI, 7 Centers, 13 MHEs, Ali Muhammad Khan, Atif Khan from Mardan, Gohar Ayub from Haripur, Akbar Ayub, Yousuf Ayub, Speaker Asad Qaiser Shahram from Swabi. Shahriar Afridi from Turki, Kohat, DI Khan, Ali Amin Gandapur and others tried their best to ensure their victory in the election of mayor and local government but the people have unveiled the change.

The successive victories of the PML-N in the by-elections and the success of the non-governmental candidates in the JUI-F and Village Council elections in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa mayoral election have sounded alarm bells, not one but several. The PTI is considered a stronghold and the failure from there has dealt a huge blow to the PTI.

The outcome of the second round of elections has become a graffiti wall. The failure of PTI in KP has raised a big political question as to which political party will play the role of national party in the next elections. The winds of change have blown, it is clear that not only is the time for a major upheaval in the political chessboard not far off, but the ruling party is in danger of disappearing after retreat at every level, Despite the hardships, the PML-N has made public opinion that only it will get the honor of the national party in the next elections.

Political circles are very happy to know that now the election will be by votes, whether it is Daska election or the victory of Khanewal PML-N has proved its people’s strength by raising the flag of victory when its opponents have been defeated despite using all means. PPP has also mobilized in the by-elections, which is neither sudden nor unwarranted but it will not be more than a storm in a cup of tea as PML-N has deposited its coin in Punjab and has started queuing for new elections. The political birds have started re-establishing ties with the PML-N. It is not easy for any government to go from hero to zero to zero. For this, one has to plan honestly day and night. We have to stand up, we have to snatch dreams from the shining eyes of the people.

They have to take out two morsels of bread from their mouths, they have to make a large number of people unemployed, they have to whip up inflation on the people, there is no precedent for the suffering of the people in the last three years. Authoritative Hon’ble Justice Wajihuddin’s revelation about carrying the burden of Bani Gala’s expenses has put a huge dent on the government. The government is in no mood to act on the issue other than rhetoric.

He said that people will gradually forget this. Political and public circles are openly saying that Kashmir was annexed by India in an aggressive manner but OIC did not do so. People are openly saying that in the last three and a half years, we have been caught in the flames of inflation, but no one has thought of thinking about the human tragedy that has befallen Pakistan. However, the human tragedy of Afghanistan Politicians openly and players are calling us enemies on the field.


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