80-year-old woman paragliding, youngsters stunned

80-year-old woman paragliding, youngsters stunned

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Who says that grandparents can never be adventurous, what about age, the heart should be young and the spirit should be high, this is what the 80-year-old late lady proved.

On the photo and video sharing platform Instagram, a user named Selena Moses shared a video of her grandmother who died 7 years ago.

In the above video, one can see his late grandmother paragliding wearing a saree without any cuffs, which she did at the age of 80.

Selena Moses shared this video and expressed her feelings in a long caption, writing that ‘Age is just a statistical number, my grandmother paragliding at the age of 80.

When I saw this video in the gallery after a long time, I couldn’t help but share it. What my grandmother left behind for us 7 years ago will remain with us forever.

The video has so far been viewed 4.3 million times and has been liked more than 411,000 times. Social media users are expressing their feelings in the comments and encouraging such enthusiastic grandparents. While some are wishing that when we reach that age, we too have such strength and health.


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