A fake smile can lead to real happiness, research suggests

A fake smile can lead to real happiness, research suggests

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American researchers say that a fake smile can actually improve a person’s mood.

Recent studies on human behavior have revealed that changes in the human body also affect the brain.

A research paper published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour, states that these changes cause the brain to think in terms of mood and emotions, just as a faster heart beat evokes feelings of fear or happiness.

Such a smile can deceive the mind and give rise to true happiness.

Researchers say that conscious expression of emotions can lead to real emotions.

Dr. Nicholas Coles also says that if a person raises their eyebrows all the time, it creates feelings of anger and the same happens with a smile.

For this study, experts conducted a research experiment called “The Many Smiles Collaboration” in which 3878 people from 19 different countries were studied.

Half of the subjects were asked to hold a pen in their mouth and look at happy pictures of a dog, kitten, or flower, while the other half were instructed to simply put on a fake smile and were told to contract their facial muscles. Move like we do when we smile.

The researchers say it is important to know how to fake a smile because the method of faking a smile by holding a pen in the mouth and looking at various pleasant objects was ineffective, and the study participants reported pain from pressure on the teeth. While in a real smile, the teeth are not stressed or clenched.

On the other hand, without the pen, by moving the muscles of our faces in the same way we do when smiling, the people who put on fake smiles felt real happiness.

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