Can Putin’s girlfriend stop him from attacking Ukraine?

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged girlfriend and mother of two children, Elena Kabayeva, is increasingly trying to persuade Putin to stop attacking.

According to foreign media reports, Elena Kabayeva was asked by her female friends to go to Moscow and persuade the president to end the war.

The report quoted a source as saying that Elena’s female friends were going to Putin to persuade him to end the war.

Friends are saying that Putin is not listening to anyone, maybe he will obey his girlfriend and declare a ceasefire in Ukraine.

Elena says that under these circumstances, the security around President Putin will be extraordinary. She does not know if she can meet with President Putin or not. They may have to pay a heavy price.

Elena said she did not know if she would be able to go out again with her children after meeting with President Putin.

Alina is believed to be an Olympic gold medalist, and Alina allegedly has four children with Putin.


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