Salman Khan shared a photo of Jim, interesting comments from fans

Photo: Instagram

Indian actor Salman Khan shared a photo of himself working out in the gym and asked fans about his cape.

Bollywood’s Sultan Salman Khan is a film star with a superficial stature. He has shot scenes without a shirt in many films.

When Salman Khan shared the photo on Instagram, a photo and video sharing app, he asked his fans how his cap looked.

Commenting on this, Sangeeta Bijlani shared a fire emoji.

Commenting on the photo, Salman Khan’s fans said, “What a joke you have made. If you are without a shirt, who will pay attention to the hat?”

One user wrote that Salman Khan’s picture is a response to the memes created against him after Katrina Kaif’s marriage.

The user wrote that no matter how many memes people make on their brother, the brother always responds indirectly.


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