No member can be barred from voting, Attorney General

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Attorney General Khalid Javed has said that no member of the Assembly can be prevented from participating and voting in the no-confidence motion filed by the opposition against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Speaking on Geo News program New Pakistan, the Attorney General said that the first question is what is the constitutional and legal significance of this vote.

He also said that there was ambiguity as to whether the vote should be counted or not.

On the other hand, on the issue of no-confidence motion, the Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser had consulted the Assembly Secretariat and the Law Department on legal aspects.

According to sources, Asad Qaiser consulted with the Legislative Department of the National Assembly Secretariat in which the Speaker sought his opinion on whether deviant members could be prevented from voting. The answer to this is that Malaka cannot prevent any member from voting, this law is clear.


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