When will Anwar Maqsood’s political satirical theater drama ’14 and a half August’ be released?

Anwar Maqsood with the cast of the political satirical theater drama ‘Saade 14 August’ – Jung Photo

Mumtaz, scholar, scriptwriter, writer, comedian Anwar Maqsood’s masterpiece political satirical theater drama ‘Sardhe 14th August’ will be presented on Independence Day.

Anwar Maqsood’s 3-part political satirical theater drama is all set to entertain audiences with the finale of its 14th August series.

The third and final part of Copycats Production and Anwar Maqsood’s masterpiece drama ‘Sade 14 August’ will be released on August 14, 2022, on the occasion of Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day.

Directed by Dawar Mehmood, the drama will be presented at the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi.

The story of the theater play revolves around the question posed by the people to the 2 characters Jinnah and Gandhi regarding the partition between Pakistan and India.

Jinnah and Gandhi visit 4 cities (Kashmir, Lahore, Delhi and London) to see the reaction of the people and defend a case against allegations of rightness or wrongness of the partition decision.

In the past, Jinnah and Gandhi were not in favor of partition, they only wanted to get rid of British rule, both leaders agreed on Muslim rule in Muslim-majority areas, but Nehru did not agree, which resulted in the sub-continent being divided into two parts, Pakistan and India. I was divided.

The official teaser of the drama was released on 16 July 2022, in which the clip shows two superpower leaders, Jinnah and Gandhi, sitting on the same bench and arguing about their differences while a cameraman. Trying to get the best picture of the two together, finally Anwar Maqsood himself comes and announces the start of the play.

Anwar Maqsood says that in 2011 we celebrated August 14th in Pune, people said why not August 14th, I said that we will announce on the day when August 14th will be, 3 years later we celebrated August 14th. , and now this is the last link in this series.

Talking about the story of the theater play, he said that after the success of ‘Pune 14 August’ and ‘Sawa 14 August’, the story of the last installment of the series revolves around the partition between India and Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Dawar Mehmood said that Anwar Maqsood is the legend of our country, I have learned a lot from him, we hope that together we will fulfill the expectations of the people.

In 2011, Anwar Maqsood collaborated with Copycats Productions on a very unique idea for a play that was presented on Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14.

The patriotic story was titled ‘Pune 14th August’, the drama became very popular with elements of satire, emotions and humor. A few years later in 2013, a sequel to the first play was presented with the title ‘Sawa 14th August’. .

After more than a decade, Anwar Maqsood has penned the final installment of the series, which has now moved forward to ’14th August’. Famous actors are included.

All these plays achieved nationwide success due to their distinctive ability to integrate political commentary and satire in a highly enlightened manner.

‘Sade 14 August’ will be in theaters across the country from August to October, while the play will be inaugurated at the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi, followed by Lahore and Islamabad.

Tickets are available online and will be available at Butlers and the venue very soon.

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