Why didn’t Habba Bukhari share her engagement photos on social media?

Leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Haba Bukhari has given a reason on social media for not sharing her engagement photos with her close friend Ariz Ahmed.

Haba Bukhari had a session on her Instagram account to chat with her fans, but one fan was left without asking about it and asked the actress why she did not share her engagement photos on social media.

Answering the question of the fan, the actress wrote that “they are not engaged, only the matter is settled between the two families”.

It should be noted that a few days ago, while announcing a new relationship with Habba Bukhari, Ariz Ahmed shared several pictures of himself and Habba Bukhari’s hand on his Instagram account and also wrote interesting captions.

From the first photo uploaded to his Instagram by Ariz Ahmed to the last photo, fans were told, “Something happened that went hand in hand, promised and got me like a miracle, love is a miracle.” ‘


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