Omi Kroon France bans British travelers

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France bans British travelers in the wake of the outbreak of a new variant of the global pandemic corona virus, the Omi Crone.

A spokesman for the French government said that only French citizens or those residing there would be able to travel from Britain to France.

The spokesman added that those traveling from the UK to France would have to show a PCR or antigen-negative test for the last 24 hours, and would have to spend 48 hours in solitude after arriving in France.

He also said that the 48-hour isolation would end with a negative result of the PCR test, adding that the restrictions would take effect on Saturday morning.

A spokesman for the French government said 240 cases of Omi Cron variant had been reported in France so far.

It should be noted that since the onset of the Corona epidemic, the record of Corona cases in the UK has been broken in a single day. Percentage of Omi Cron variant.


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