Can PPP regain its lost ground in the presence of PML-N and PTI?

Due to the visits of leaders of government and opposition parties, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, political activities in Lahore have once again intensified. In order to win the local body elections in Punjab, the major political and religious parties have intensified contacts with each other for re-alignment. Prime Minister Imran Khan visited the provincial capital on Monday. In a meeting with Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar and Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar at Governor House, they discussed the political, economic and electoral situation of the province.

The Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar briefed the Prime Minister about the details of his visit to Europe and the progress of the project of providing clean drinking water to the citizens of Aab Pak Authority. Briefed the Prime Minister on development projects and other issues of the province. During his visit to Lahore, Prime Minister Imran Khan also openly discussed the political situation in the country with provincial ministers and party leaders.

The Prime Minister told Imran Khan that the government has issued an ordinance to bring a new local government system in line with your vision to make the local bodies more empowered and independent democratic institutions, which will be approved by the current session of the Punjab Assembly. ۔ The PTI leadership also apprised the Prime Minister of the concerns of its ally party in Punjab regarding the new local government system and other issues.

The Prime Minister said that in order to solve the basic problems of the people, it was necessary to devolve power to the lower level. I know who is hindering the transfer of political and administrative powers to the local bodies but you do not have to worry when the basic facilities are available to the citizens through the local bodies they will bless you. The Prime Minister said that our competition is not with any one party but with the corrupt mafias which are becoming an obstacle for the government at every step but we will suffocate by improving the lives of the people. This inflation will be fixed in a few months.

The Prime Minister also said that the real faces of our political rivals and corrupt rulers have been unveiled which is why the people are not taking the protest calls of the opposition seriously. The Prime Minister assured the senior government officials that they receive complaints regarding corruption but I would investigate them. Corruption is a sign of lack of rule of law. In order to establish the rule of law, they should take immediate steps to curb corruption. The Prime Minister told the party ministers and officials that the new Pakistan Health Card would be a revolutionary step in Punjab.

Through this program, Rs. 1 million per family will be given to 30 million families for medical treatment. That would be a step towards the establishment of the state of Madinah. In the same way, we will move forward to make education and law and order ideal. The people will support us in the next elections. The Governor and the Chief Minister informed the Prime Minister that the constitutional term of local bodies in Punjab would expire on 15th December, 31st. The people will directly elect the mayors, deputy mayors of 11 municipal corporations and heads of 25 district local bodies in the province for the new local government system. Has decided

There will be a joint panel of mayors, deputy mayors and councilors, and candidates will win by a simple majority. Political parties or independents will be able to participate in the local body elections in the form of panels. The Prime Minister said that unless our government can make the weak strong we will not succeed in our goals. 70% of people’s basic problems can be solved through local bodies. The Prime Minister said that we all know how in the last 40 years the rulers of the past have plundered the country and made the people indebted. Now they are always ready to fight the corrupt rulers, to which the participants applauded and praised the Prime Minister.

The implementation of the report submitted to the Prime Minister regarding the new local body system in Punjab is a question mark. According to political circles, the government still issued local body ordinance to throw dust in the eyes of the Election Commission. Under the new local body system, delimitation of constituencies and holding local body elections on time does not seem possible. What will be the next step?


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