Competition between Sara Khan and Mahira Khan, who won?

Photos courtesy of Instagram Pages

Comparisons are being made on social media between two beautiful Pakistani actresses.

Sarah Khan And Mahra Khan is considered one of the foremost actresses in the Pakistan showbiz industry, both of whom are an example of beauty in their own right.

Recently, a comparison was made between these actresses by a social media fan page as to which of them looks more beautiful as a bride.

A photo collage was made of Sara Khan’s red wedding dress and Mahira Khan’s green wedding dress, in which fans of both were asked, “Which of the two looks more beautiful as a bride?”

In the comments section of this post, hundreds of fans of both have responded by expressing their liking.

In the comments section, if the upcoming votes of the fans are compared, then these two actresses are making the fans look good as brides.

On the other hand, some Instagram users say that these two actresses are getting along well as brides and there can be no comparison between them.


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