Where did the 2 crore rupees stolen from the Karachi police station come from?

Where did the 2 crore rupees stolen from the Karachi police station come from?

Superintendent Police Investigation District South Zahida Parveen

Where did the money of more than 2.7 million rupees stolen from the police station artillery field of Karachi come from the mall and where did the accused steal and hide this money? An interesting situation has come up during the investigation.

According to the Superintendent of Police Investigation, District South Zahida Parveen, in February this year, 4 armed suspects robbed a goldsmith Abu Bakar of Lahore in a rickshaw in Mehran underpass in the limits of Artillery Maidan police station. The suspects involved in the incident were arrested by the South Investigation Police, from whose possession more than 2 crore 7 lakh rupees were recovered.

According to Zahida Parveen, the case against the accused is pending in the court, the investigation staff presents this amount to the court on every appearance.

He said that the last hearing of the case was held on September 26, after which the property was sealed in the warehouse of the police station.

According to Zahida Parveen, in order to present the money in court on the next appearance, the investigating officer checked the money again on October 11, and the lock and seal of the warehouse were broken. A committee was formed.

He said that a clerk of the Artillery Maidan police station and an assistant 15 police officer were found involved in the incident.

According to SP Zahida Parveen, during the investigation, it came to light that the accused had switched off the power of the police station to avoid being caught in the police station’s CCTV camera and restored the power after the incident and this was the period of the incident. When the accused was interrogated, he disclosed the incident.

The accused stole more than Rs 2 crore 7 lakh kept in seven envelopes in the mall and kept most of it in trust at the house of an officer of Auxiliary Police 15 and waited for the matter to cool down. .

According to Zahida Parveen, during the investigation, only one accused police officer was involved in the incident, while 15 police officers who helped in hiding the money and other matters were also arrested.

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