‘Gauri Fan’ marriage proposal to Shadab Khan

‘Gauri Fan’ marriage proposal to Shadab Khan

Collage courtesy of Social Media

Shadab Khan, the vice captain of the national cricket team, was proposed to by a New Zealand girl.

A video of Shadab Khan and a fan is going viral on social media sites. In this video, Shadab Khan’s trouser is in the fan’s hand.

New Zealand fan woman has to tell in the interview that she likes Shadab Khan very much because he is a very good player and Shadab Khan gave me his trouser, she loves Shadab Khan very much.

The fair fan of Shadab Khan further said that I have told Shadab Khan that I love him and want to marry him.

Gauri Maddah says in the video for Shadab Khan that she is very shy but I am not shy.

In this viral video, Shadab Khan can also be seen giving his trouser to a female fan, while Shadab Khan’s shirt is still in her hand.

On the other hand, after this video went viral, Shadab Khan is being criticized by internet users.

Internet users say that there is no autograph for Pakistani girls and Shadab Khan is giving his trousers to whites.

Some netizens termed Shadab Khan’s behavior as unprofessional and suggested that Shadab Khan should not behave like this with foreign fans.

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