Fraud in chips packet exposed by consumer

Fraud in chips packet exposed by consumer

Photo courtesy of the Internet

The deception of consumers by food companies has been exposed once again.

A user on a social media network in India shared it with others after being scammed by a popular brand of chips.

Sharing a picture of a chip packet, a user wrote, “On my way to college, I picked up a Rs 10 packet which on opening contained only 5 chips.”

According to the Indian media, many people on the Internet expressed their sympathy for the cheating of this user and also gave their reaction.

Fraud in chips packet exposed by consumer

One person wrote that when a shopkeeper doesn’t have 2 rupees to give someone, they should give them a chip.

Another user on the internet wrote that I also remember something like this happening to me, while another user wrote that you paid paisa hawa ke deye chaps toh bis was to complete it.


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