Money budget is likely to be presented in the federal cabinet today

A mini-budget has been prepared which is likely to be presented in the federal cabinet today.

A meeting of the Federal Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan will be held today in which a mini budget can be presented.

A 15-point agenda has been prepared for the meeting, which also includes the issue of allowing Afghan nationals to use Pakistani soil to travel to other countries.

Regarding the mini-budget, sources said that the tax collection target could be increased by Rs 270 billion.

The levy on petrol is likely to be increased to Rs 4 per month and up to Rs 30 per liter.

Electricity bills will also be increased in the mini-budget, while tax rates on mobile phones, cosmetics and imported food are also likely to be increased.

The mini-budget is likely to ban the import of foreign vehicles and impose advance tax on imported dramas.

According to reports, the Cabinet agenda is also expected to approve an extension in the date of exchange of old currency notes.


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