Soccer World Cup: Special zones for boozy fans

Soccer World Cup: Special zones for boozy fans

Spectators enjoy the game at a football stadium, file photo

With the FIFA World Cup set to kick off in Qatar on November 20, Qatar has set up special zones in football stadiums where fans who have been drinking alcohol will be kept until they come to their senses.

This was told by Qatar World Cup Chief Nasir Al-Khattar. He said that fans who drink too much alcohol will be kept in a special place until they regain consciousness.

The Qatari official said that it will be ensured that the drinking fans are safe themselves and do not harm anyone else.

It should be noted that drinking alcohol is illegal in Qatar, but during the World Cup, the government has allowed drinking only in certain areas of the stadium.

The Qatari official said that drunk and unruly fans will be sent to a special zone set up in the stadium, where they will remain until they regain their senses.

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