Why did Moin Akhtar consider Zia Mohiuddin as his guru?


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The late legendary actor Moin Akhtar once said that the fame he got is due to Zia Mohiuddin, the position that Moin Akhtar has today is due to Zia’s training.

It is mentioned once that ‘Zia Mohiuddin Show’ was starting from Karachi, for a segment of which Moin Akhtar was supposed to audition.

According to Moin Akhtar, one day there was a message from Zaheer Bhatti on TV asking me to meet Zia Sahib. When I entered, seeing Zia Mohiuddin in front of me, I lost my mind.

Mr. Zia said to me, “Yes!”

I was nervous, I said yes, Zaheer Bhatti has called.

Zia Sahib said, he is not at that time.

I said thank you and left the room.

According to Moin Akhtar, he then went to Rashid Umar Thanvi’s room and requested him to make me meet Zia Sahib. He was sitting in Zaheer Bhatti’s room. Rashid Umar Thanvi directed me to Zaheer Bhatti’s room. Take it and go.

Zia Mohiuddin was engrossed in some work, he looked up and said to Rashid Umar Thanvi!! Yes Rasheed…?

He introduced me and said that Zia sir, this is a very talented boy, you should try him in your show.

At the same time, Zaheer Bhatti also came, seeing me, he said, I called you a long time ago.

Then he introduced Zia Sahib and said that this is the boy, about whom I told you, he did very good skits in the election transmission.

Zia Sahib nodded and got busy with his work.

I was very nervous, those who had a great time, whose art was recognized at the international level, who people felt proud to see a glimpse of, they were in front of me, I was fine in their presence. I was lost in the charm of Zia Mohiuddin’s personality, then I took permission from Zia and came out with Rashid Umar Thanvi. While leaving, I only remember that Zaheer Bhatti’s voice was heard. Moeen! Should have a meeting with you tomorrow evening, will talk to you.

According to Moin Akhtar, I nodded my head and came back, dressed specially the next day in the best clothes I had and went to TV.

Zaheer Bhatti was alone in the room, when he saw me he said, I was waiting for you, sit down, then he said Moin! We have decided to have a 10-minute performance from you in the first Zia Mohiuddin show, but it should be something new, not what you do on stage.

Then they said, tomorrow Mr. Zia will interview you, he told me the time and then I happily returned home and told my family and said to my mother, pray that I get a job in this show.

The next day was the most important day of my life, Zia Muhyiddin was to interview me, I was very scared that I didn’t know what he would ask in the interview, where could our lamp shine in front of his ability, the truth is this. That I was nervous, at the same time I reached the TV, I knocked on the door of Zaheer Bhatti, after getting permission, I entered the room, Zia Sahib was there, I greeted him, shook hands, then Zaheer Bhatti. But my surprise was not over when Zia Sahib started talking to me and in a very polite and polite way I was going to listen to his English as well as his Urdu.

According to Moin Akhtar, Zia Mohiuddin’s perfection was that when he spoke Urdu, he did not use a single word of English in it and when he spoke English, he did not use a single word of Urdu in it. An artist like me, his personality and art. Who can dare to shed light on, but whoever I am today, Zia Sahib’s training has a big influence in it.

Zia Sahib, while summarizing, said that there should be something new, which you have not done before on TV.

I had prepared a new sketch in those days, copying the style of some of the compares of the election, including Siddique Arshad, Quraishpur, Waqar Ahmed and others.

A glimpse from the stage of Zia Mohiuddin Show
A glimpse from the stage of Zia Mohiuddin Show

When I narrated that sketch to Zia Sahib, he was very happy, laughed a lot, said, “I think you should do this,” then said, “It’s still rough, work hard on it, I need their help.” I got the job on the show and I was considering it my good fortune.

Little did I know that the doors of fame were about to be opened to me by nature, the day of the show arrived by God. They were doing and strolling and reminiscing, I was standing on the side of the stage watching their every move. Yes, I have not seen any other artist in Pakistan working so hard, so dedicated and so selflessly, even 10% of them if we focus on our work, where do we end up.

The recording of the show was about to start, Zia Sahib was constantly walking, I went to him with fear and said Sir! Will pray for me.

He smiled and put his hand on my shoulder and said “Wish you all the best”.

The show started, the voice came, Zia Mohiuddin at your service! Then there was an unceasing storm of applause, and the show went on with great success, at which time they announced me, and I entered and performed my performance, in the manner of the Compares I had performed, in the hall. The people present were aware, there was a good applause.

All the people were congratulating Zia Sahib and he was smiling and thanking everyone, but see his magnanimity that he shouted in this crowd.

“?Where is Moin?”

When I heard my name, I ran towards him, he slapped me hard on the back and said “Very well done”. I have to do it too.

I was not bursting with joy, when that show went on air, Zia Sahib’s song was already playing, it became more intense and people said that new boy Moin Akhtar was also good, I got real fame. had stepped into the field.


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