Shazia Murri challenges Imran Khan to go to jail


Federal Minister Shazia Murri challenged Imran Khan to go to jail.

In a statement, Shazia Murri said that Imran Niazi should cancel his bail if he has the courage to go to jail.

He said that Imran Khan deceives the nation by changing his narrative, lies are his narrative.

The federal minister further said that Imran Khan has threatened Jail Bharu Movement to save Bushra Begum and Farah Gogi.

He said that Ladley has made Pakistan a training ground, what was an American conspiracy till yesterday is no longer an American conspiracy.

Shazia Murri also said that Imran Niazi is trying to mislead the nation by telling a new lie every day.

He said that Malam Jabba, Bullen Tree, Peshawar BRT and Tosha Khana are stories of Imran Niazi’s corruption.


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