Shadab Khan revealed his and the team’s target in PSL 8


Photo: Jang

Shadab Khan, captain of Pakistan Super League (PSL) team Islamabad United, says that his team has once again become champions in the event. The players were selected according to the plan that was in the players’ draft. Personal goal is to be the best player in the tournament.

Talking to Geo News in Karachi, Shadab Khan said that his team will look very different this time.

Shadab Khan said that every team in Pakistan Super League has come to become champions and his team has the intention to become champions and will enter the field with this thought in mind. The team combination is quite good compared to last year, hope the fans will like the Islamabad team this time.

The captain of Islamabad United said that his team’s style of playing is what makes it different from other teams. The team plays cricket according to the modern requirements and that is what it has achieved, this time also the team will adopt the same style as the team has a lot of confidence in playing this way.

To a question, he said that the same thought was adopted in the draft and earlier in the players’ retention to get depth in the batting, the players who were required have been found in the draft. It is hoped that the tournament will be good enough for Islamabad United this time.

Shadab Khan said that last year the team suffered a lot due to injuries, the team did not know that so many players would be injured, but this time the plan was to have a backup of every player on the bench so that if someone If there is an injury situation, there should be no problems.

When asked what are his goals in Pakistan Super League 8, Shadab Khan said that every player has the same desire to become the best cricketer in this tournament. Be the best cricketer of the event by performing well.

He said that the Covid bubble is over but the security restrictions are still there, so he cannot go out and enjoy food with his roti gang, which has to be done in the hotel.

Shadab Khan said that there is no pressure due to marriage, he will try to keep his personal life and cricket life separate.


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