PSL 8, caretaker government’s refusal to give 80 crores for special lights


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On the occasion of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season 8 matches in Lahore, the contractor has reported a cost of Rs 80 crore for installing lights on rent on the route from the hotel to the stadium.

According to the sources of the Punjab government, caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi refused to give the huge amount for the lights.

Sources say that the caretaker chief minister says that only HBL cannot spend 80 crores on security routes for 9 matches of PSL, if PCB buys the lights itself, it can buy them for 25 crores.

Sources said that the Punjab government had spent Rs 60 crore on rental lights for PSL to be held in 2022, several crores of rupees were also spent on rental lights in PCL matches in Multan.

On the other hand, PCB sources say that 40 generators and 120 heavy flood lights are installed on the security route, 36 heavy lights installed on 3 poles are lit from one generator. did not incur the cost of

Sources said that this time PCB has been asked by the Punjab government to bear this cost itself.

Sources of the Punjab government also say that the environment department has expressed reservations about generators running on rent.


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