Objection to implementation of budget proposals of the President in the form of ordinances


There was a fear that the mini-budget of the federal government would go sour, was the meeting between President Dr. Arif Alvi and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar fruitless?

According to the sources, the President raised objections to implement the budget proposals in the form of ordinances.

According to the sources, the federal government wants to implement the mini budget by issuing an ordinance today, after the objections of the President, the government team is busy in deliberations.

Sources further said that the President wants the budget proposals to be presented in Parliament in the form of Bills instead of Ordinances.

According to the sources, the government’s position is that more time will be required for the approval of the bill in the parliament, the government can contact the president again.

Sources also said that the President will be requested to issue an ordinance immediately after approval from the Cabinet.

According to sources, the government cannot issue an ordinance during a joint session of Parliament.

Sources say that if the government ends the joint meeting, then the President will have to be contacted again to convene the meeting.

According to the sources, the government is afraid that if the joint meeting is terminated, the President will not convene the meeting again.


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