Netherlands F-35 fighter jets shoot down 3 Russian fighter jets


Netherlands fighter jets at Malbork Airbase in Poland, file photo

Dutch F-35 fighter jets chased away 3 Russian fighter jets as they approached Polish airspace.

The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands said in its statement that a Russian spy plane and two Su-27 fighter jets assigned to protect it were taken out by our planes.

The NATO Air Command says that the Russian aircraft of Germany were posing a threat to other aircraft by ignoring international air safety rules.

NATO said German Eurofighters chased the Russian jets.

The Netherlands has deployed its fighter jets to the Malbork Air Base in northern Poland, which took part in a mission for the first time.

These planes have been given the responsibility of monitoring the airspace of NATO allies until March.

On the other hand, Russia’s Defense Ministry said today that its fighter jets patrolled US airspace in the Bering Sea.

Two strategic missile carriers of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted a scheduled flight over the Bering Sea, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Both the bombers flew for 7 hours and were accompanied by an Su-30 fighter jet.

Russia says such flights are normal and all flights are conducted under the rules of international airspace.

It should be noted that the Bering Sea divides the Russian territory of Kamchatka and Alaska.


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