Lead in Oil Paints Dangerously Harmful to Children, Research Report


After taking paint samples from the local market, it has been found that 40 percent of the oil paints contain dangerous levels of lead, which is likely to affect children’s health.

The Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) has asked paint manufacturers to eliminate the use of lead in their products.

In the new study, doctors tested 60 paints from 21 brands sold in Karachi.

40 percent of the samples contained lead in excess of the limits set by Pakistan and the World Health Organization, some samples contained 1,000 times more lead.

Lead can have serious adverse health effects on children.

Lead in paints can affect children’s mental development, physical health and red blood cell count.

According to an estimate, 47 million children in Pakistan are affected by lead in paints and other products, costing the country $38 billion annually.

The PSQCA set a standard in 2017 to limit lead levels in paints.


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