Katrina Kaif celebrated ‘Galentine’s Day’ not Valentine


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February 14 is celebrated as the International Day of Love i.e. ‘Valentine’s Day’, but Bollywood’s Barbie doll celebrates it in a unique way and named it ‘Galentine’s Day’.

Various videos have been uploaded on the page of Katrina Kaif’s make-up brand ‘K By Katrina’ on the photo and video sharing platform Instagram, in which the actress can be seen with her friends.

Captioning a video, Katrina wrote, ‘Best friends know all your secrets and Galentines helps you put them in writing.

In the video, Katrina is enjoying ‘Galentine’s Day’ with her friends. Meanwhile, Katrina also played a game with her friends, in which the three answered the question while eating a spoonful of cake.

The three asked each other that ‘I never checked my partner’s phone?’ However, Katrina confirmed that she did.

Katrina said that I did all this in ignorance, but now I have become wiser, I will never do that. Even if someone opens the phone and puts it near me, I will not look at it.

During the conversation, Katrina also admitted that she makes an excuse of injury to get out of nowhere. He said that in 2009, during the shooting of his film ‘New York’, he pretended to have injured his leg.

Meanwhile, Kabir Khan’s wife Mani Mathur said that she makes such an excuse when she does not have to carry much luggage at the airport or on a trip.


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