Fuel shortage, 157 aircraft including air ambulance grounded


General aviation is facing difficulties due to lack of fuel in the country.

Due to fuel shortage, 157 aircraft including Edhi Air Ambulance have been grounded across the country and activities of 12 flying schools have stopped.

The Edhi Air Ambulance aircraft was taken out of the hangar and made ready for flight but due to the fuel situation, the flight was postponed.

AV gasoline is used as fuel in small planes, general aviation planes across the country have been facing fuel shortage for 3 months.

With the closure of flying schools and other general aviation activities including aviation engineering, sources of employment are also disappearing.

CEO Sky Wings Aviation Imran Aslam Khan has said that general aviation is facing difficulties due to shortage of fuel.

He further said that fuel is stuck at the port due to non-opening of LCs by the State Bank, LCs worth 23,000 dollars are not being opened for import fuel.

Imran Aslam Khan also said that the government should take steps to open LCs so that flying can start, the aviation companies are exporting their planes abroad by closing the business.

According to sources, 72,000 liters of fuel for small planes have been lying at Karachi port since December, but due to non-opening of LC, not only 157 planes including Edhi Air Ambulance are grounded, but due to continuous delay, demurrage and other dues have also increased. .

According to sources, jet fuel increased from Rs 320 per liter to Rs 850 per litre, due to which two or four general aviation companies are facing a new crisis.


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