Devastating storm in New Zealand, state of emergency


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Due to the devastating storm in New Zealand, a state of emergency was imposed across the country, thousands of people lost electricity due to severe storm winds and rain, the life system was paralyzed.

The northern part of New Zealand is facing Hurricane Gabriel, the storm is causing heavy rain with strong winds in Northern Ireland, New Zealand.

Due to the strong winds, trees and power poles fell, roads were damaged, a state of emergency was declared in 5 regions of Northern Ireland, including Auckland.

Schools have been closed in several areas of Northern Ireland, including Auckland, in anticipation of Storm Gabriel, while authorities have advised people not to travel non-essentially.

In New Zealand, 58,000 people are without power, 509 flights have been canceled, according to officials, flights are expected to resume today.

On the other hand, a person aboard a boat north of Auckland has gone missing. The government has announced a $7.25 million relief package for the recovery of the storm-ravaged areas.


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