Azam Swati’s bail plea, special prosecutor’s respite granted


—File photo

The Islamabad High Court accepted the plea of ​​special prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi regarding the trial of Azam Swati in the controversial tweet case.

Chief Justice Amir Farooq heard the request of FIA to cancel Azam Swati’s bail in the controversial tweet case in the Islamabad High Court.

Azam Swati appeared in the High Court during the hearing.

Special Prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi gave arguments and said that Azam Swati has again made controversial discussions about institutions.

The Special Prosecutor read out a portion of the transcript of the controversial conversation in court.

The court asked the special prosecutor that at what stage is the trial?

The special prosecutor replied that Azam Swati is yet to be charged, he is misusing bail.

The court directed him not to go in that direction now, focus on completing the trial soon.

Special prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi requested to give a brief history, I will inform the court about the trial.

The court accepted special prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi’s request for respite regarding Azam Swati’s trial.


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