Alleged suicide of former Russian Interior Minister Major General, who was fired from his job


Major General Vladimir Makarov.

Former Russian Interior Minister Major General Vladimir Makarov has been found dead at his residence in Moscow, state news agency says he committed suicide.

General Makarov was dismissed by President Putin a few weeks ago.

General Makarov served as deputy head of the Central Directorate for Combating Extremism.

Family members told a Telegram channel that General Makarov was suffering from severe depression after being dismissed last month.

The family members said that the general was worried about what he would do in his career after spending his entire life in military service.

Mysterious alleged suicides of Russian politicians, military officers, businessmen and bureaucrats are not new.

During December last year, Russian politician and businessman Pavel Antov was found dead outside a hotel in India.

Similarly, in September 2022, Russian energy company executive Ivan Pechorin reportedly fell into the sea while sailing to an island near Japan.


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