A unit D cell of Lal Haveli, the court disposed of the application


Lal Haveli—File photo

The Lahore High Court Pindi Bench disposed of the petition after de-selling a unit of Lal Haveli on behalf of the Mutukah Waqf Estate Board.

Justice Mirza Waqas Rauf heard the application regarding de-selling of one unit of Lal Haveli.

On the occasion of the hearing, Sardar Abdul Razaq Khan, the lawyer of Abida Shamim, sister of petitioner Sheikh Rasheed, appeared in the court.

Abida Shamim had filed an application in the court against the sealing of unit D156 of Lal Haveli.

It was contended in the petition that the Abandoned Waqf Property Board conducted an illegal crackdown on January 30 and also sealed the property D-156 owned by the petitioner.

It was argued in the petition that the property owned by the petitioner was the election office of Sheikh Rasheed.

The court was told that Sheikh Rasheed is still a candidate from NA-62, his election office is to be built in the sealed property.

The court was requested to nullify the action of the Abandoned Waqf Property Board.


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